To work out what leotard may work best for you, we’ve outlined some of our most popular cuts and styles to help you feel the most comfortable in your body!

All of the leotard designs mentioned are part of the Core Collection at Energetiks, meaning they are available year round. However, some of these designs have been so popular that they have been carried over into our Limited Edition Collections to give you the option of having a print fabric in your favourite design. If printed fabrics are something that suits you, have a look at our Girls and Womens Limited Edition Collections.

Our Leg Lines

The search for the perfect leotard can be tricky and it’s often rare to find a leotard cut that suits everyone. However, our Classic Leg Line Leotards look good on any body - regardless of age, shape or size. As a base fit it sits at a middle height on the leg, accentuating the leg line while simultaneously providing ample coverage front and back. Due to its popularity it can also be found in a variety of styles and colours to suit dancers of all ages and backgrounds.

Perhaps you’ve returned to dancing after having a bit of a break and aren’t ready for a high cut look just yet. Or maybe a lower cut leotard suits your body shape and preferences best. If so, our Low Leg Line Leotards are ideal for you. Designed with the intention to provide more coverage for those who seek it, they come with a generous fit around the behind and across the front providing comfort and support. Allowing you to still show off your technique without showing too much, our low leg line leotards come in a range of colours and designs as well.

Popular amongst our pre-professional and professional dancers, the Slim Leg Line Leotards have a higher leg line than our regular leotards. Created with the intention to show and accentuate a long leg line, they can make the shortest of legs appear to have extensions for days. Despite being a higher cut than some of our other leotard styles, they still provide suitable coverage for those who are slightly more modest. Available in an array of colours and styles, these leotards can also meet the specific criteria of exam syllabuses.

Our Design Features

Who doesn’t enjoy a decorative back when it comes to a leotard? A frequently sought after feature, our decorative back leotards add a little extra ‘wow factor’ when it comes to selecting the best leotard for you. Popular for auditions, open classes or even as a costume option, these leotards can be worn for almost any occasion. From crossed straps to back lace detailing, there’s an array of designs to pick from. As with our other leotards, they also come in a spectrum of colours to suit the individual.

For something that provides a little more coverage and support, a high back leotard may be the perfect leotard for you. The high back design was created with the intention to allow those who may require or prefer to wear an undergarment to have it hidden from the naked eye. Alternatively, leotards with thicker straps, cap sleeves, ¾ sleeves or full sleeves also allow for the seamless addition of an undergarment whilst providing a fuller coverage look. These designs allow the leotard to accentuate the shape of the dancer without any detractions.

They are also a great choice for younger dancers who may feel more comfortable in something with a little more coverage, as are skirted leotards (leotards with the skirt attached). Despite having increased support and a more modest silhouette, these leotards still offer a wide variety of colour options and come in a generous selection of styles. Who says coverage has to be boring?!


Our curve leotard range caters to dancers up to 3XLge. Offering thicker more supportive straps, front lining for increased coverage and patterns tailored to suit the fuller figured shilouette, these styles will give you the confidence you need on stage and in the studio. 

Explore our curve styles at the link above.

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